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Can’t Enforce Back Support If Children Were Hidden — Saturday, 18 Apr 2015

A California Court of Appeals has ruled that a Trial Court was not wrong by declining to enforce a 25-year-old child support judgment on equitable grounds where Mother had concealed Children for 15 years. In the case of In re Marriage of Boswell, Mother and Father were divorced in October of 1985. Their divorce judgment awarded custody of their tw... read more on Can’t Enforce Back Support If Children Were Hidden >

Alimony Contingent on Child Is Not Deductible — Sunday, 15 Feb 2015

U.S. Tax Court has determined that Father cannot deduct as alimony the spousal maintenance payments he made to Mother because those payments were to terminate when their youngest child graduated from high school. In the case of Johnson v. Commissioner, Minnesota resident Father married Mother in 1989, and they later had three children. Those child... read more on Alimony Contingent on Child Is Not Deductible >